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Latin Apps for iPad

This site lists a variety of iPad (and iPhone) apps for students, teachers and lovers of the Latin language. You can browse an app category from along the top or using the list below — some apps, namely SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader and Collins Latin Dictionary, appear in more than one category because they have multiple features.

Some apps have not received updates in a long time, and this has been highlighted — a lack of updates is usually indicative of an unsupported app, which means you're on your own if the app breaks the next time Apple releases an iOS update. Some apps don't support iPhone, and we've noted these because obviously it saves money if the same app works on iPad and iPhone.


  1. Latin Dictionaries for iPad
  2. Latin Grammars for iPad
  3. Latin Quotes for iPad
  4. Latin Flashcards for iPad
  5. Latin Games for iPad
  6. Other Classical Apps for iPad


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