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Latin Grammar for iPad

Latin Parser for iPad and iPhone

Latin Parser

Latin Parser is a new attempt to make Latin grammar clearer and easier to understand, and it works surprisingly well. The basic operation of the app is simple: type in a word, a sentence, a paragraph or more of Latin text, then tap Parse. The app will then split up your text into individual words, then parse each word to tell you its root form and meaning. You can then tap on a parsed word and see exactly what its form is: its gender, its number, its conjugation, its tense and more are all laid bare before you.

Although some may end up using Latin Parser as a crutch, it has the potential to support and encourage most users, particularly by forcing them to look at the meaning of every word in a sentence rather than looking at the key words and trying to figure out the gist.

Pros: Fast, accurate and genuinely innovative — a great way to pull Latin sentences apart.

Cons: Needs access control for students who might lean too heavily on it.

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Latin Grammar for iPad and iPhone

Latin Grammar

Latin Grammar is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you test your knowledge of Latin verb forms. It does this in three ways: multiple-choice "guess the form", a matrix-selection where you have to match the correct form of the verb, and a form-changer that really puts your brain to the test - it will, for example, give you the third-person present form of a verb and ask you for the perfect tense form.

Latin Grammar comes with a wide selection of words built-in, has a button to remember students of the principal parts of a verb, and has a "guess until correct" mode that can help students correct their mistakes, and is a great price.

Pros: Very cheap, a clever range of testing tools, and the "guess until correct" mode is invaluable.

Cons: Would be nice to have Game Center integration to make it a bit more exciting.

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SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader

SPQR Latin Dictionary and Reader

For those with more cash to spend, SPQR includes all of the Latin Grammar app described above, plus its other features. That means you get all three grammar testing modes, with a large collection of words, plus a "guess until correct" option. But SPQR adds something else into the mix that is extraordinarily powerful: an exam generator.

SPQR's exam generator allows teachers to program in which verb forms they want to test, then generate a 20-question pop quiz at the touch of a button. This quiz can either be emailed to students or printed out (if they don't own SPQR), or, if they all own SPQR, they can enter a unique code onto their devices that will all have them sit the same test. When they're done, they can email the answers back to the teacher for marking.

Pros: All the features of Latin Grammar, plus the powerful exam generator.

Cons: None.

Price: $6.99 / £4.99 — View on App Store >>

Latin +


This app presents a tantalising nugget of something that could be excellent, but falls short in too many places for us to feel satisfied. First, it claims to be free, but of course it's not really: you get a paltry 10 words to use without paying for the in-app purchases, and even then you still get adverts at the bottom of the screen to distract you. The in-app purchases are, for whatever reason, very expensive: you'll need to pay $11 (£7) to buy all three, which gives you just under 1000 words to work with. As per usual, these in-app purchases are not eligible for Apple's educational discount scheme, so you'll need to pay the full amount.

Even with these in-app purchases in place, the app suffers from a crude design that is quite distracting. It makes us wonder whether the adverts are there to distract you from the user interface! We hope it gets better over time, because there is a glimmer of hope, but realistically we'd need to see a drastic price cut and a complete user interface refresh in order to consider recommending it.

Pros: If you have the cash, this has lots of vocab to learn.

Cons: The most expensive Latin app on the App Store despite claiming to be free, but it looks unpleasant and carries adverts.

Price: Free, but you really need the expensive in-app purchases for it to be remotely useful — View on App Store >>